We will work together to produce a list of villages that might suit your particular needs. Tours to villages can be arranged to meet with management and inspect premises.

Alternatively, you may decide that a retirement village is not your best option and smaller houses or townhouses can be looked at.


There's a list of things that need to be attended to when moving house to make sure nothing is missed and timing is co-ordinated.  I can help finalise services at your current home, such as telecommunications, energy, and council rates, and change the destination for regular deliveries. 


Decluttering as you downsize will help to reduce moving costs and enable you to enjoy the next phase of your retirement.


I can help by

  • providing guidance and assistance with decluttering

  • identifying  ways to repurpose things you no longer need 


When your belongings have been sorted, I can assist with coordinating what goes to family and friends, what is donated to charity or perhaps sold on Gumtree.  Rubbish removal can also be arranged.


I can recommend removalists, obtain quotes and be on site to meet with them.  If storage is required I can provide a list of good quality storage facilities for both long and short term storage needs and obtain quotes.


I will be there  to oversee and coordinate moving day for you. It is often a long and tiring day with many tasks needing to be done simultaneously; having a third party involved takes some of the strain away and allows you the freedom to come and go as you need.